People have a deeper awareness today than they have in past years. They are aware of biases and issues, and they have turned to using their wallets to support causes and companies they respect and to boycott those they don’t.

It is more important than ever before to be sincere in your message. Continue reading to learn five tips for developing an authentic brand voice.

  1. Understand What Your Customers Believe in

You need to know your customers. This includes all of the usual demographics, such as gender, age, income, and other identifiers, but it also includes knowing what they believe in and what matters to them. If your brand can be compatible with those beliefs, you will get them engaged and they will become more loyal.

  1. Take a Position on Issues

Once you identify what matters to your customers, you should take a position that your customers can get behind. Rather than taking a position against an issue, take an issue in favor of it. This is far more positive and it inspires people.

  1. Incorporate Your Beliefs Into Your Branding

When you hire people to help you with your branding, make sure that they know what your company stands for. Your target market will be motivated when they see your brand standing up for an issue. It also makes them feel more loyal. People will identify with your business, which helps you stay successful.

  1. Make Sure That Your Employees Share the Company Values

If you want to be authentic, then make sure that your employees also believe in what you stand for. This will show the customers that you are authentic and they will respond better. Branding your company authentically will also attract employees who share your beliefs, and the customers will notice.

  1. Make Sure That You Share Your Position

It can be intimidating to take a stand because people are taught to be nice and get along. Today, customers want to hear people taking a position on the issues that matter. This is a time of change. Make sure that you are true to your position and share it proudly.